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Harness the power of data intelligence to understand passenger trends, influencing today’s fliers for tomorrow’s opportunities.

Elevate and Transform

The Zartico Destination Operating System™ Airport is a strategic decision-making tool designed specifically for airports. Guide the future growth and stability of your airport with these game-changing insights:



See where your outbound and inbound passengers live.

Expand market share in your catchment area, and identify unseen route development opportunities.

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Evaluate the impact of local events on air travel.

Pinpoint which event venues bring in the most passengers, your highest-traffic event periods, and opportunities for targeted marketing efforts.


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Understand your competitive landscape.

Capture passengers who are flying into competing airports to reach your destination.




ZDOS™ Airport uses geolocation and event data to gain insights, inform actions, and impact outcomes. 

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  • Revenue Growth: Identify new revenue opportunities, increase airport footfall, and optimize parking utilization.
  • Return on Investment: Increase marketing efficiency and optimize use of resources.
  • Competitive Advantage: Stay ahead of the curve and top-of-mind with travelers.
  • Future Stability: Make data-driven decisions to build financial strength and support growth.

Imagine having actionable answers to these questions, right at your fingertips:

ZDOS Airports
  • Where do our outbound passengers live?
  • How do we measure up to our competitors in capturing market share?
  • Where can we target our marketing efforts to bring in more passengers?
  • Where do our inbound passengers live? And where do they go while they are here in our destination?
  • Who is flying to a competing airport to get to our destination?
  • What are the best opportunity markets to expand direct inbound service?
  • Who is making use of our parking services, and who is choosing off-site parking instead?
  • What event venues are bringing in the most passengers?
  • When do we need to add capacity to accommodate large events?


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