Spending Data

Bring the whole visitor economy into focus.

Spend Data

As part of Zartico’s Integrated Data Model, visitor spending enriches other insights. Added context helps destinations understand visitor preferences and behavior, as well as see the bottom-line impact visitors make on local restaurants, retail shops, accommodations, and other businesses.

Use spending trends to identify and influence quality visits — stays that make the best possible impact on the local community. Target the travelers most likely to stay overnight, visit multiple areas within the destination, and spend their dollars at local businesses.

2+ Billion Data Points

2+ billion data points 
refreshed every week

Merchant Spending Catagories

Merchant categories relevant
to the visitor economy

Credit Cardholder Demographics

Cardholder demographics including origin market, age, and household income

Historical Data

Historical data from January 1, 2021

We collect anonymized data from more than 3,000 financial institutions representing 95 million cardholders — and counting. With over 10 billion annual transactions, including both credit and debit cards from all four card networks, we can provide detailed spending information on visitors and residents in your destination.

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More Data Sets

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Geolocation Data


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Event Data


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Lodging Data


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