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Zartico Values

  • We believe in a growth mindset. We are a learning organization.
  • We emphasize focus because we know that to achieve big dreams, you have to execute and get the small stuff right.
  • We lead with inclusion and value diversity. We believe in diversity of thought, perspective, and experience. Diversity of experience and perspectives creates a more robust product and more beautiful world. 
  • We dream in color and code. 
  • We hustle. 
  • We are humble and know that the sum of our parts is greater than any one of us as individuals. 
  • Above all else, we do the right thing. We believe in transparency, honesty and integrity. 

Talent Partner

Help to drive our next stage of growth and build the Zartico team with top-tier talent.

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Front End Developer

We’re looking for a Front End Developer who wants to create wonder-inducing experiences for our partners.

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Product Designer

We’re looking for a Product Designer who wants to create amazing experiences for our partners. 

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Data Engineer 

As an engineer on the core product team you'll provide intelligence to the rest of the company that will enable better product decisions.

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Senior Data Advisor

As a Senior Data Advisor, you will be involved in all aspects of account management, educating clients, support and more. 

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Data Scientist 

Supports the customer-facing analyst team with advanced SQL query and data management expertise with a focus on story telling with data.

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Implementation Specialist

Zartico has an exciting opportunity for a motivated, problem-solving, multi-tasking, growth-minded project coordinator. 

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EVP Engineering

You will work with the Chief Innovation Officer and Chief Software Architect to develop technical and infrastructure strategy, requirements and engineering staffing requirements.

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Zartico Advisors
The Art of Our Advisors
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Team Zartico
Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging
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Zartico Visualizations
The Science of Our Visualizations
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