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Formulating an Effective Visitor Distribution Strategy

hosted by Jay Kinghorn

May 19, 2022

An increasing number of destinations are managing tourism hotspots where surges in visitation conflict with resident perceptions of quality of life. 

In this webinar, we introduce three approaches to reducing the feast-and-famine cycles that tourism has historically experienced. By prioritizing quality over quantity, destinations are able to manage resources, which drives sustainability and economic opportunity.

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Generating Demand With Precision

hosted by Jay Kinghorn

April 21, 2022

Of the five outcomes in Destination Stewardship, demand generation is likely the most familiar to DMOs.

However, using marketing to attract “quality” visitation rather than the sheer quantity of visitors has come into sharper focus as many destinations are expressing a desire for tourism growth to be more deliberate and better aligned with community values.

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The Five Foundations of a Contemporary DMO

hosted by Jay Kinghorn

March 24, 2022

"The Five Foundations of a DMO: New Measures for a New Paradigm."

These are an integrated set of best practices any DMO can use to improve strategic planning, operational excellence, stakeholder engagement, alignment and ultimately lead their visitor economies to greater heights.

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