Zartico is not like every data provider. From the bottom up, our solutions are built to empower places with insights that drive marketing and management optimization. Here’s how we do it.


We integrate four powerful, high-resolution data sets.

The Zartico Destination Operating System® (ZDOS®) is the only tool built on an Integrated Data Model that brings together the largest commercially available streams of lodging, spending, event, and geolocation data.

Integration creates strength. We understand that no one data source can answer every question. That’s why we combine and layer multiple data streams that validate, complement, and provide context for one another.


Our insights drive actions and outcomes.

ZDOS® is not just a reporting dashboard. Our insights inform strategic action. Pinpoint seasons of need or peak demand in advance, identify markets that drive quality visits, create marketing profiles, then optimize your strategies to attract the right visitors at the right time.

Destinations apply Zartico data with an eye toward the future, activating four Strategic Planning Principles to move their communities forward.

Chart a new path for your destination by leveraging the power of:

  • Daily, transaction-based lodging performance metrics, including international and future bookings
  • Demographic analytics drawn from more than 140 million credit and debit cards
  • An event database aggregating 300+ global event sources with visibility 12 months into the future
  • Human movement data collected from 400+ mobile apps

Access actionable insights — and more — in one simple, cloud-based tool. Anytime. Anywhere.

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Zartico applies precise data science methodologies — and we’re happy to tell you about them.

We proudly employ a team of data scientists who are dedicated to discovering, designing, and testing new methodologies that turn the raw data we receive into reliable destination intelligence our clients can use.

We don’t use universal multipliers or black box algorithms. Instead, we apply intentional techniques to clean, balance, and process the data that goes into ZDOS®. 

You deserve to feel confident in your destination data. That’s why transparency is more than a buzzword here — it’s a priority:

  • Our Data Science team publishes white papers and articles highlighting methodologies.
  • We include a sample size diagnostic at the bottom of each ZDOS® module, color-coded so you know when your insights are statistically significant.
  • We patent our proprietary developments to make our best practices part of the public record.
  • We will provide (and have provided) methodology details for clients undergoing audits.
  • We don’t provide insights on data we can’t defend — or metrics that won’t drive meaningful strategic action for your destination.

We’re creating the gold standard for place-based data intelligence. 

Everything in travel and community development happens in or about a place. How you identify, map, and group those places makes a world of difference to your destination analytics.

Zartico’s Place-Based Strategy uses a tested methodology and standards developed by our team of GIS experts. We map each destination’s distinctive collection of places, eliminating tedious “homework” and reducing the potential for bias. This enables us to integrate multiple data sets to illuminate trends and deliver actionable insights within ZDOS®.

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Privacy and security are our top concerns.

Access to powerful data sources comes with a high level of responsibility to properly collect, store, and handle information. 

Zartico and our data providers comply with GDPR, CCPA and other federal and state privacy regulations as well as industry best practices. From the company’s inception, we have focused on licensing only privacy-protectant data sources with de-identified or anonymized data. Additionally, our place-based strategy standards provide additional levels of privacy by omitting sensitive locations where individuals are entitled to a higher level of personal privacy.

Why Zartico Wide


We’re cultivating a culture for all.

When our co-founders began dreaming about Zartico, they imagined a different kind of company. One driven by a growth mindset, and one where everyone’s voice is heard. We’re unapologetically innovative, and we always strive to do the right thing — even if that means changing course when something doesn’t work out or when we find a better way.

It turns out that these values are catchy — our clients enjoy hanging out with us as much as we love learning from them! Our community connects online to share stories and successes, and we gather each year for Zarticon, our annual user conference dedicated to peer learning and meaningful connections. Look for us on stage or behind the booth at industry events throughout the year.

Have questions? Let's Talk! We're always here to chat about our work, our approach and how we can partner with your destination to discover new possibilities.   Let's Talk