Certified Partners

Agencies are important strategic partners for Zartico and our clients. Their work reflects the world’s places by telling their compelling stories, focusing on long-term goals, promoting quality visitation, and working alongside leaders to create solutions to unique challenges.

By leveraging ZDOS® for continuous strategic planning, agencies have full-cycle credibility through a data-led approach. This provides both competitive advantage and client security through dynamic personalization applications, meaningful case studies, and awards.

When destinations and agencies join their expertise, the possibilities are endless. The following agencies have completed agency certification training through the Zartico Academy — available to all agencies within the Zartico community.

Destinations + Agencies: Unlock strategic planning capabilities

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Preferred Partner

Client Testimonials

The team is easy to work with and communication is on point. Deliverables are on time and as promised.

Wendy Swenson, Director of Tourism Marketing Alaska Travel Industry Association

Great product. Great support team. Always evolving platform. New applications. A trusted leader in the industry. Terrific leadership. Outstanding vision for our industry.

Jan Kroells, Vice President of Marketing Bloomington

The Zartico team is passionate and knowledgeable about the travel and tourism industry. They are continually improving upon the technology and the data intelligence they provide.

Wendy Haase,  President at Travel Santa Ana

Destination Intelligence Training for Agencies

Zartico’s Certified Agency Partner program supports agencies working across all mediums. It’s free for agency employees and can be completed online in about three hours. Once certified, agency professionals are equipped to transform destination insights into powerful tactics for their clients, empowering them to:


Use data to develop targeted campaigns, measure success, and report on performance


Create and present compelling stories about the value of the visitor economy


Align with cross-functional efforts within destination organizations


Strategize solutions for community-specific challenges


Expand strategic support for new and existing clients as destinations unlock new possibilities through data

Become ZDOS® Certified

Interested in agency certification for your team?