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ZDOS™ State
States have a fundamentally different role than city & county tourism offices. View the visitor economy from a macro statewide perspective while also diving into micro-level regional detail.

 Zoom in on regional insights or zoom out for deep, state-wide destination drivers and trends

Because travel is a place-driven activity, Zartico created our proprietary place-based strategy that recognizes the importance of places of impact, which is the foundation of how we deliver insights within ZDOS™. 

Our data is configurable at the state, region, county, city, or legislative level, enabling you to discover various geographic trends, comparisons of in-state vs out-of-state visitor spending, and top origin markets, not just by volume of visitors, but also by percent of spending.

With these answers in hand, state tourism offices are able to focus on creating and implementing strategic tourism plans that attract visitors by highlighting the various regions, attractions, and activities found throughout the state.

Equally important to understanding the impact of the statewide visitor economy is the ability to measure visitors' impact on residents and resources within the state. Therefore, ZDOS™ State also answers how visitation influences the State’s overall economy such as employment and taxes. 
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Become the undisputed authority on influencing and measuring the impact of the visitor economy on your state.

Zartico has developed the first Destination Operating System for state tourism offices. We provide actionable data intelligence to discover high-value visitors, and visitation patterns by season, geography, and type. ZDOS also enables direct alignment between exceptional visitor experiences with resident sentiment and quality of life.

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Showcase your role in influencing visitation

Over 225 destinations use ZDOS™ to foster an environment of continuous improvement, where every decision is informed by data and insights. Providing a common language across departments allows teams to work collaboratively towards a common goal.

Destinations also use the ZDOS™ to report on the outcomes of these decisions, using shared metrics that everyone understands.

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The Zartico Way

When you work with Zartico, you’re not just gaining entry to the industry’s first Destination Operating System. You’re joining a movement of destination leaders dedicated to building better communities. You’ll have access to our expert team of strategic advisors, as well as our robust library of educational resources to empower the data heroes on your team.

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The Zartico Way

Only Zartico

Our proprietary Integrated Data Model™ organizes and connects three essential data streams to provide the clearest view of the visitor economy. Only Zartico combines the highest frequency and highest resolution location, spending, and event data in a single solution.

  • Location = where are visitors coming from and where are they going within your destination?
  • Spending = where and how much are visitors spending?
  • Events = what events are they attending and when?

See why we believe this changes everything. Schedule your personalized tour of the Zartico Destination Operating System™.


ZDOS State Features and Benefits

Market Index
Harnessing the power of the Integrated Data Model™

Harness the power of the Integrated Data Model™, the Market Index measures the relationship between website traffic, visitation, and visitor spending to provide an overall understanding of a destination’s top markets.

BENEFIT:  Target opportunities for reaching new markets or expanding market share. Identify underperforming markets that aren’t worth your investment.

Visitor Economy Index
Understand how your visitor economy is performing

Understand how your visitor economy is performing year-over-year by tracking changes across multiple key indicators, such as visitor spending, hotel demand and revenue, and visitor device count.

BENEFIT: Get a big-picture, at-a-glance look at how your state is doing.



Baselines and Benchmarks
Know how you measure up

Baselines illuminate your historical performance so you can see how you're pacing, while benchmarks compare your destination with anonymized peer performance within the entire Zartico ecosystem.

BENEFIT: Demonstrate organizational success, and identify areas of opportunity.

Visitor Demographics
Know who is traveling to your state

Know who is traveling to your state based on metrics including age, origin markets, and household income.

BENEFIT: Create marketing plans that target your ideal visitor, and understand how they interact with your destination.

Sample Size Calculator
Report findings with confidence

Provides a reference for the number of unique visitor devices and cardholders used in any insight.

BENEFIT: Report to stakeholders with confidence that your data is reliable and statistically stable.

Visitor-to-Resident Ratio
Understand the proportion of visitors and residents

Understand the proportion of visitors and residents present in your destination, calculated using geolocation device counts.

BENEFIT: Identify times and places where your community may be likely to experience the pressures of increased visitor volume.

In-App User Support
Help where you need it

Quick help menu provides comprehensive assistance to easily identify and understand the data.

BENEFIT: Find what you need easily so you can report on the insights that matter.

POI Lens
Zoom in on unique attributes

Zoom in on a custom grouping of your most important Places of Impact such as: wineries, craft beer trails, or unique heritage sites.

BENEFIT: Focus on multiple POIs within the same category of influence to see the collective impact on your visitor economy.

csv Uploader
Create robust insights

Upload your own data to create robust insights using the Analytic Designer functionality. Note: Zartico’s Privacy Policy prohibits the use of the .csv uploader for any Personally Identifiable Information.

BENEFIT: Combine reports such as survey data, resident sentiment, or visitor profile studies with other data sets in the ZDOS to enrich the insights into your visitor economy.

Dynamic Visualizations
See visitor movement

Capture a snapshot of your visitor economy, then bring it to life using vibrant interactive maps. This powerful tool can inform strategic decisions, shed light on unseen parts of your destination, or provide a canvas for stakeholder discussion.

BENEFIT: Dive deep into compelling insights that answer the desire, “I wish I understood…”

Group Sales Insights
Understand convention visitation patterns

By importing group sales data into the ZDOS, partners are able to leverage our geolocation data to understand how visitation patterns during a convention, meeting, conference, and other events impact the broader local economy.

BENEFIT: Understand the ROI of your group sales efforts, and demonstrate the impact of events on your community.

Website Contribution
Measure marketing impact

Identify correlations between website traffic, paid media traffic, and destination visitors.

BENEFIT: Understand the role your website plays in the visitor journey, and optimize your web content to attract and inform your ideal travelers.

Packages are built for any size and need.

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