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Ensuring the security and confidentiality of our customer’s data is our top priority. Working in partnership with our technology partners, Zartico ensures the highest level of security by employing industry best practices and state-of-the-art technology.

Zartico's Operating System is an automated, cloud-based system accessed via password-protected dashboards and mobile alerts. Zartico connects directly to third-party data providers via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) of primary data sources to automate data ingestion into Zartico’s cloud-based data warehouse. Where APIs are not available, Clients send reports delivery from data vendors (STR, Expedia reports, etc.).

As a cloud-native service, security and data redundancy is built into the core architecture of our operating system.

Your data is encrypted while in our data warehouse which complies with industry-standard best practices for data protection in the cloud, including GDPR compliance and CCPA compliance.

We follow the security principle of “least access” to protect data being ingested into our operating system, in storage, and on our visualization tool.

All Zartico staff use hardware 2-Factor Authentication to keep your data safe against hackers.

The Zartico Operating System is accessed through a password-protected portal. This keeps your data private while allowing Partners the ability to provide access to staff, board members, and contracted agencies.

We use a multi-stage project structure to provide redundancy to protect against data loss due to hardware or software failure and limit cross-project access for automated data collection.

Location data providers have received GDPR privacy shield certification and meet or exceed CCPA requirements. Raw location data is never provided to clients and is prohibited for use in law enforcement or surveillance activities.