Zartico Invests in Data Science and Innovation

Zartico Invests in Data Science and Innovation
With New Hire Dr. Alexandra V. Pasi 

Zartico continues to invest in its innovation and data science team members with the hire of Alexandra “Lexi” V. Pasi, Ph.D. as Sr. Director of Data Science. With Dr. Pasi at the helm of Zartico’s Data Science Team, our long-term vision to harness intelligence from new data streams enhancing every aspect of destination stewardship and accountability will come to fruition. Zartico believes that you don’t build a business, rather, you hire, mentor and empower people, and those people build the business. 

“There’s been a lot of excitement around using new methodologies and data science to produce more frequent insights to improve measurement and accountability in the destination industry,” CEO Sarah Lehman states. “But broadly speaking, there has also been apprehension to adopt new methodologies and new technologies. It is time to change that.”

Working with the Zartico Product and Education Team, Dr. Pasi will make this vision a reality. “To really execute on this successfully, you need a team of data scientists and information technologists—and someone who really, deeply understands both the data intelligence side and the business and technology side,” founder and CTO Jay Kinghorn said. “That’s where the senior data scientist role comes in. And Lexi is a perfect fit.”

Pasi commented, “The opportunity for innovation within the industry is massive, and with the team, technology, and vision here at Zartico, I’ll be working to help build the science to actualize this possibility. By harnessing modern techniques in machine learning and creating new technologies to uncover the meaning in large, dynamic data sets, we can empower communities to better navigate questions of growth, change, and sustainability.”

The core advantage of employing Data Scientists is that they will tell us something about our world that we didn't know before. Zartico is a learning organization and we are focused on technologies that make you say, “This changes everything.” In addition to creating the world’s only Destination Operating System™, we are also creating an experience that enables all Zarticans to do their best work and live their best lives. Lehman stated that to change everything, “Zartico has to be a movement in the destination industry…and if we’re going to have a global impact for good, it must be due to those who join us, not just those who lead us.“ 

About Zartico

Zartico’s Purpose: We believe tourism is a force for good because it builds connection, understanding, and appreciation of our world’s cultures, history and natural resources. We believe data and the right metrics allow us to make better decisions because transparent data helps focus on the right issues and problems and therefore, solutions, to be better stewards of our world's most precious destinations. 

Zartico’s Mission: Zartico’s mission is to provide the clearest perspective of the visitor economy. As the world’s first Destination Operating System, Zartico combines science, technology and domain expertise to create SMART destinations to positively impact communities Through its proprietary integrated data model, Zartico answers the “why.” Given its experience, Zartico is uniquely positioned to lead the transformation from global destination marketing to global destination leadership.