7 Ways to Level Up and Become a Data Hero at Zarticon

At Zartico, we are invested in the flourishing of the world’s people and places. That’s why we’re inviting all of our destination partners to Zarticon, our inaugural user conference happening May 3-5 at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay in Tampa, Florida. 

We’re empowering destination leaders to navigate the changing landscape of the industry. This is the work of heroes, and that’s precisely how we see our partners. Like the hero in a video game (armed with data instead of superpowers) they can overcome the obstacles their destinations face and come out victorious. 

Tourism needs data heroes, and we are here to make that happen through education.

Zarticon is for partners who use ZDOS™ and those who want to level up their data literacy. Here are seven things we know aspiring data heroes will love about Zarticon.

1. Focused education for tourism data literacy

This event is entirely focused on learning how to use data and the ZDOS™ to better support the communities in your care.

You won’t hear any pitches or upsells — our sales team isn’t even invited! But you will hear from Zartico experts on our product, education, strategic advising, and leadership teams. They’ll be joined on stage by our data provider partners and leading industry agency experts to dig into the topics you want to know about.

Check out the full line-up of 15+ educational sessions happening at this two-day event.

2. Hands-on-keyboard workshops 

Whether you’re a ZDOS™ super-user or you’re just getting started, our breakout sessions are designed to help you level up your understanding of the data and find your way around your operating system with ease. The best way to do this is to click around in the system, and you can expect to take home free resources to make your job easier.

Choose from a basic or advanced track, and be sure to pack your laptop (and your login info)! We’ll also have dedicated breakout sessions for state partners.

3. Wrestling with the elephants in the room

Adopting data intelligence as a tool to guide strategic action represents a leap forward for our industry. As with any significant innovation, it raises questions about the ways we’ve been doing things, how we will do them moving forward, and how best to put these new insights to work for our communities.

We’ve invited Amir Eylon of Longwoods International to join Zartico’s Ted Sullivan to discuss data and surveys as two important tools in the destination toolbox, looking at the strengths and opportunities of each and how they can work together in the future.

We’ll also welcome speakers from Zartico’s data providers — Near, Affinity, and Predict HQ — to dive into each of our data streams and illuminate how you can get the most from these powerful insights.

 Zarticon features 15+ educational sessions on data literacy understanding ZDOS®.

4. Useful tips for telling better data stories 

Our Friday morning keynote speaker, Brent Dykes, literally wrote the book on effective data storytelling, and he’s here to help you tell better data stories to your team, your stakeholders, and your community.

You’ll leave his talk feeling inspired and empowered, understanding the science behind storytelling as a tool for connection, as well as the art of building memorable, persuasive narratives around your data.

5. A community of your data hero peers

Anyone who has worked in the tourism industry knows it’s filled with the best and most creative people around. We can’t wait to welcome some of our most innovative partners to the stage to share with you what they have learned and what they’re doing differently.

Plus, enjoy plenty of time to network and socialize with your community of destination leaders from across North America.

6. A look at what’s next for ZDOS®

Sneak a peek at what’s on the horizon. Zartico’s product team will share upcoming improvements and updates designed to make your operating system faster and easier to use, while ensuring the data is more reliable than ever.

7. Hey, it’s Florida in spring, and we all could use some sun

This winter has seen snowstorms stretching from coast to coast, and we can’t wait to meet you all poolside in beautiful Tampa, Florida

Space is limited, so register now to claim your spot at Zarticon 2023! Registration is free and open only to Zartico partners. Find all of the details and sign up here.


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