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We Are Zartico

Mar 7, 2021 7:17:13 PM

Entrada Insights started with the mission to solve the world’s toughest challenges facing tourism. Along the way, we were going to hire the best people and create a company that espoused our values. Little did we know that one year ago, the world would shut down due to a global pandemic. Undeterred, we doubled down on our vision to partner with the tourism industry and convinced an eclectic group of big thinkers and doers to join our movement...sometimes never having met them in person. This crisis has actually brought us closer.

Over the past year, we partnered with twenty-five DMOs and kept hearing the same theme over and over: we have the opportunity to work together to benefit communities worldwide by improving the resident and visitor experience and facilitating organizational change.

We listened and learned. And the more we listened and learned, the more we thought “this changes everything.”

Destinations are built and developed with SCIENCE but they breathe with ART. ART is what makes every Destination unique and special. Machines don't make ART, only humans.


Entrada is built on SCIENCE with intelligence and insights from the data and our people and partners create ART via storytelling and context. What happens when SCIENCE and ART combine? We create WONDER... and WONDER is what has been missing in our world lately…from the biggest awe inspiring moment to smallest visual joy. Our goal is to work with global communities to combine the SCIENCE and ART of the destination to produce WONDER.


If we do it together, we change the world….and we know that the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do.


And so, it is with great pleasure we announce our new company name: ZARTICO.

ZARTICO combines art and science to create the insights and intelligence which elevate the well-being of global communities.


Here are four reasons why our new name fits...

  1. We're surrounded by SCIENCE of our operating system and insights... but creating beautiful ART out of data is at the very heart of what we do.

  2. The Arctic Fox is our logo because it embodies our team: adaptable, loyal, fierce and resilient.

  3. Words beginning with Z are fun! And we take destinations from A to Z.

  4. And let’s not forget cool swag!



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