Zartico Partners with Azira to Expand View of Movement in a Destination


Zartico is pleased to announce a new strategic development with its geolocation partner Azira.  Beginning April 1st, Zartico will increase the volume of global human movement data received from Azira into the Zartico Integrated Data Model. The expansion will provide all partners higher resolution and greater demographic parity than ever before seen in the industry.

Zartico has Azira’s anonymized daily data stream allowing destinations to view insights from Zartico’s OS even closer. With better clarity and an increased range of vision, the resulting movement trends will be easier to understand, allowing the destination to make quicker and better decisions for the benefits of visitors and residents alike. 

Zartico and Azira patterns will gain better clarity with:

  • Increased observations at the primary places contributing the most to their visitor economy
  • Greater Demographic Parity to better understand cross visitation trends
  • Cleaner Geolocation Data, removing duplicate and fraudulent devices occasionally surfacing
  • More Reliable Trend Analysis paving the way for industry benchmarking with new KPIs. 

Josh Collins, Head of Product at  Zartico, said, “Human movement data is incredibly complex but the trends it illuminates allow contemporary destinations to steward their visitor economy into the future. Only Zartico has created an integrated Data Model providing a holistic, true and trusted view of how people move through a community. The additional layers within our OS helps destinations discover who’s doing what and where and how it all contributes to a vibrant visitor economy.” He added, “This continues to change everything! Our growing partnership with Azira now gives destinations increased focus on the outcomes needed to create a better experience for both residents and visitors alike.”

“Azira is proud to partner with Zartico and enable them to take full advantage of our suite of research and marketing solutions. Zartico's customers benefit from the work Azira does to produce quality and accurate human movement data, providing them actionable insights and analysis that will ultimately result in better business decisions,” said Kerry Pearce, Vice President, Product Marketing at Azira.