Zartico Names Content Manager

At Zartico we believe the most engaging person in the room is the best storyteller. Within our growing partner base, we have hundreds of untold stories ready to be told. The power of narrative defines a company, its goals, and its overall mission. Therefore, we've made a focused investment in our stories with the recent hire of Cat Kessler, Zartico's new Content Marketing Manager

Cat KesslerCat Kessler

"Throughout each day, powerful case studies surface from our destination clients — stories about events, new marketing programs, positive effects on the community, and the value of the convention traveler. Cat's gift for crafting a must-read narrative allows Zartico to now create ongoing content that helps teach our industry. Robust educational content empowers destination leaders to connect new insights to local efforts — creating dramatically better lives for our visitors and fellow residents," said Ted Sullivan, Zartico's Chief Marketing Officer. He added, "Anyone can look at a pie chart, Cat can take that chart and tell you why it matters and what to do next."

Cat Kessler brings more than a decade of experience in destination and content marketing, including nine years at Explore Asheville. In her new role, she will create practical content — articles, case studies, white papers, etc. — to enable destination leaders to learn from their industry peers as they work to build better communities. She will be connecting with our partners throughout the year to better understand these stories and their impact.

"The visionary team at Zartico truly is building a movement, and I look forward to telling the stories that will spark meaningful conversations in our industry and in communities across the globe,” Cat Kessler stated. “We are defining the future of the visitor economy in collaboration with our partners. Illuminating the narrative that flows through our people and places will help bring that future to life. I can't wait to work alongside this brilliant team that brings so much technical and tourism experience to the table."

Zartico welcomes Cat Kessler, and we look forward to the stories that have yet to be told. 

About Zartico

Zartico’s Purpose: We believe tourism is a force for good because it builds connection, understanding, and appreciation of our world’s cultures, history and natural resources. We believe data and the right metrics allow us to make better decisions because transparent data helps focus on the right issues and problems and therefore solutions, to be better stewards of our world's most precious destinations.

Zartico’s Mission: Our mission is to empower DMOs to be better stewards of the world’s tourist destinations through improved data intelligence and decision-making. Makers of the first Destination Operating System, Zartico harnesses and streamlines complex data to provide a full-spectrum of data science, benchmarking and analytical services for use in marketing, community development and sustainability efforts. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Zartico has decades of experience in technology, tourism, and destination and travel marketing.