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Insights to Outcomes- DMA West

Ted Sullivan
Apr 12, 2022 3:41:39 PM


If an Insight doesn't result in an Outcome, it is just wasted information. Big thinking, followed by little action, results in a big waste of time. Having spent three days of time in Tucson, Arizona last week for DMA West Tech Summit and several meetings, I made sure I made the most of my time. 

Zartico debuted new session content with four of our destination partners presenting examples on their use of new Insights to create actual Outcomes for their communities. As the moderator, I challenged each presenter to provide the audience with their specific Outcome(s), and how they plan to apply what they learned for the benefit of the DMO, the residents and the visitor. Each told a unique story, and during my three days in the Arizona desert I watched several Insights turn into Outcomes right in front of me.

Visit Austin
Visit Austin Formula 1 racing fans have vastly different movement and spending patterns throughout the weekend. Visit Austin can proactively make merchants aware of visitor surges and opportunities during future busy weekends.


Rattlesnakes Afternoon trail runs can make you oblivious to rattlesnakes sunning themselves on the rocks that you’re about to step on. I’m never leaving my cushy resort for a run without my phone and a friend again. (Thank you random lady with strong arms.)
Visit Modesto
Visit Modesto Olive oil, almonds, orchards and organic foods are a growing driver of movement and spend throughout the area. Visit Modesto has become a data leader based on who is their best customer, where they shop and how they move. The DMO embraces a more organic brand.


Resort Bar Tabs When you start a tab with a few of your friends and clients early, the bartender assumes they’re on it all evening. You eat it…all of it, however, since it’s the first night you can remind everyone that you got “the first round” for the next few days!
 location-1724293_640 Geolocation Data Many in our industry do not fully understand the methodology and actual benefits of geolocation data. Zartico will be increasing our education efforts over the benefits of the sample size and accuracy of geolocation data and insights.


This was my first DMA West Tech Summit but will not be my last. Great content, fantastic people and an incredible mountain resort location were needed prescriptions for shaking off the winter rust. Seeing actual destination Insights turned into community Outcomes was inspiring, and reminded me that we all need to be better prepared to answer the difficult questions after we share some pie graphs and bar charts to our boards and stakeholders.

Pictures are nice but what you do with the insights is how you positively affect the destination. Outlook determines Outcome.

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