Zartico Names Vice President of Strategic Advisors

Zartico’s Strategic Advisory Team welcomes a new addition to enhance its Destination Organization insight storytelling abilities and amplify the voice of marketing agencies and collaboration. Zartico announced Nicole Brownell will join November 1st as Vice President of Strategic Advisors.

Nicole Brownell

Nicole Brownell

“The creation of this new role illustrates our commitment to being partner-centric and desire to work closely with both partners and their marketing agencies to ensure our 200+ partners elevate their data-grounded storytelling,” said CEO Sarah Lehman. “Nicole’s extensive experience and strategic thinking will ensure that we are responsive to the ever-changing landscape.”

A hospitality, DMO, agency and tourism industry veteran, Nicole brings fifteen years of leadership experience of client growth in marketing, consumer journey mapping and personalization, as well as tourism research and sustainable programming.

“I’m continuing to do what I love and joining the stellar team at Zartico allows me to take it to an entirely new level. We’re in the midst of experiencing a data revolution, and my role will be to help Destination Organizations share the value of their marketing and visitor impact on local economies. It’s exciting to evolve insights into true stories and actionable marketing to community impact.” She added, “I feel fortunate to have worked and learned from the very best leaders in the industry and am confident that together we will better steward the visitor economy. I’m a lifer in this industry and becoming a Zartican is like family for me.”

Reporting to Melissa Luebbe, Chief Engagement Officer, Nicole will immediately work to create an improved partner journey from Zartico’s data insights to actual narrative and outcomes for their partners.

“Zartico transforms insights and intelligence into destination stories that enable our partners to make better, higher level strategic decisions for their community and visitors,” said Melissa Luebbe, Chief Engagement Officer. “In discussions with our destination and agency partners, we know we must continue to learn and evolve the overall Zartico partner goals and journey to improve the industry experience. Evolving great narrative from insights is not a department—it’s a mission, and Nicole will work to ensure we deliver on the commitment to all partners.”

Zartico’s motto, this changes everything, reflects uncovering insights and intelligence that enable their clients to do their best work for their communities.

About Zartico

Zartico’s Purpose: We believe tourism is a force for good because it builds connection, understanding, and appreciation of our world’s cultures, history and natural resources. We believe data and the right metrics allow us to make better decisions because transparent data helps focus on the right issues and problems and therefore solutions, to be better stewards of our world's most precious destinations.

Zartico’s Mission: Our mission is to empower DMOs to be better stewards of the world’s tourist destinations through improved data intelligence and decision-making. Makers of the first Destination Operating System, Zartico harnesses and streamlines complex data to provide a full-spectrum of data science, benchmarking and analytical services for use in marketing, community development and sustainability efforts. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Zartico has decades of experience in technology, tourism, and destination and travel marketing.

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