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Zartico Announces Partnership with Valence

Leslie Hooper
Jun 18, 2021 9:35:25 AM

Peace and Wonder cannot be separated from freedom. Because no one can experience wonder or be at peace unless they have freedom. 

At Zartico we dream in color and code. We believe in freedom for all and we lead with inclusion and value diversity. We believe diversity of people, thought, culture and experience creates a more compassionate organization, effective product and more beautiful world.

We believe partnerships bring out the best in us and Zartico’s new partner Valence, a global community of Black professionals, helps us create and evolve our growing team beyond our initial expectations. Leslie Hooper, Zartico’s Chief People Officer commented, “We see this partnership as a first step of many to build a robust diversity, equity and inclusion program at Zartico. We are excited about all of the opportunities this will bring not only in hiring incredible talent, but bringing diversity and inclusion into the tourism industry. Zartico has made a commitment to it’s team members and clients to be industry leaders by example in this area, and expect everyone to hold us accountable to very high standards.”

Valence is a platform and community designed to connect and empower the global Black professional community through mentorship, career opportunities, executive development, professional events and access to capital, with a mission to create new paths to success for Black Professionals.  Their partnership engagement campaign was a perfect fit with Zartico’s commitment to creating a culture that is inclusive.

As we celebrate freedom this Juneteenth, we also celebrate this relationship between two organizations committed to strong leadership. 

Integrating the diversity of art and science, Zartico creates wonder, embraces peace and promotes freedom for all. 

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