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ZDOS®️ Airport
Using data intelligence to identify, predict, and influence passenger behavior, airports have the opportunity to increase revenue, improve operational efficiency, and grow their market share through data-driven decision-making.

Launching Spring 2023 

As we embark on the discovery phase of development, your input will guide us toward creating a solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. 

With your expertise, we can unlock the power of the Zartico Destination Operating System® and take it to new heights for airports. 

No sales, no commitments - just a chance to collaborate to bring ZDOS® Airport to life. 

We are currently scheduling meetings to listen and learn what insights are appealing and where we should continue to innovate. 
Mostly, we want to know if this could help you achieve your goals.

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ZDOS®️ Airport will deliver powerful insights for airport leaders to make game-changing decisions.

 In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving airport industry, staying ahead of the market using data intelligence is vital to success. 

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Gain insights.

Inform actions.

Impact outcomes.

  1. Insights into all passenger origin markets.

  2. Monetize airport parking assets more effectively.

  3. Identify markets of opportunity for route development.

  4. Increase Marketing ROI through more effective audience targeting.

ZDOS®️ Airport Answer the Following Questions

Outbound Passengers

  • Where do our outbound passengers live (counties and cities)?

  • What is the impact of our marketing in these counties and cities? 

  • What is our market share vs our competitors?

Parking & Rental Car Utilization

  • What markets represent high/low long-term parking utilization?

  • What markets are utilizing off-site or competitor's parking?

  • Which markets are most likely to rent a car?

Local Events

  • What upcoming dates have event attendance that could impact air travel?

  • How do we identify marketing opportunities with upcoming events?

Inbound Passenger Origin Market

  • Where do our Inbound passengers live (DMA, State, City, County, and Country)?

  • What origin markets are our strongest and our weakest?
  • What is our market share vs our competitors?

  • What are our best opportunity markets to expand direct inbound service?

Inbound Passenger Behavior

  • Where do our inbound passengers go when they are in-market?

  • How does origin market affect what locations they visit?

Inbound Passenger Spending

  • Which routes drive the highest/lowest in-market spending?

  • What locations are visitors spending and in what categories?


Launching Spring 2023 

ZDOS®️ Airport will answer these questions and many more. 
We are currently scheduling meetings to listen and learn what insights are appealing and where we should continue to innovate. 
No sales, just a conversation. 

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We're on a mission to empower organizations to be better stewards of the
world's destinations through improved data intelligence and decision-making.
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