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Midwest Travel Network Conference

June 23-25, 2022
St. Cloud, MN
Attendee: Adam Johnson

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NYSDMO Q2 Meeting

June 28-29, 2022
Ithaca, NY
Attendee: Don Jones (speaking)

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CalTravel Summer Board Meeting

July 13-14, 2022
San Jose, CA
Attendee: Rich Bryant (speaking)

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U.S Travel Board of Directors Meeting

July 27-31, 2022
San Juan, PR
Attendee: Darren Dunn 

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Destinations International Annual Summit

July 19-21, 2022
Toronto, Canada
Attendee: Sarah Lehman (speaking), Melissa Luebbe (speaking), Ted Sullivan, Darren Dunn, Dave Bahlman, Don Jones, Bill Obreiter, Rich Bryant, Erin Rheinschild

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Zartico Advisors
The Art of Our Advisors
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Team Zartico
Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging
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Zartico Visualizations
The Science of Our Visualizations
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