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Zartico Operating System

These data sets are game changing for the travel industry


Only Zartico adds the daily data stream for over 40 million events from over 300 sources worldwide to our Integrated Data Model. All event types, from Ticketmaster, SeatGeek, Live Nation, Eventbrite and others reside in Zartico’s Integrated Data Model. This increases the visibility destinations have on the events impacting their community by an average of 5X.

This will provide destinations powerful visibility into knowing…

  • What’s going on now and what’s coming soon? 
  • Beyond the big events, what smaller festivals or concerts are taking place?
  • Who is booking outside of hotel blocks for these events?
  • Are more residents or visitors in attendance?

Visitor Flow

Using geolocation data to understand visitor movement allows us to answer and better anticipate where, when and how people move throughout a destination. When you understand this, you gain awareness of the visitor and resident effect and create a better experience for everyone. 

Every 24 hours we ingest the data of over 1.8 billion mobile devices from over 180 countries, which is the highest frequency and highest resolution commercially available on the market.

Visitor Spend

How does Zartico provide the clearest view of the visitor economy? 

We collect anonymized data from over 5,000 financial institutions, 90M cards and growing, amounting to roughly 25% of all domestic transactions daily. With over 10B transactions annually, including both credit and debit cards, this data stream is a core component to the Zartico Integrated Data Model.

Destinations can now see…

  • Where and how much visitors are spending?
  • What merchant categories are they spending at (bars, coffee shops, clothing or entertainment) 
  • Who are the visitors that are contributing the most to the economy?
  • And what emerging markets to activate today?

Website Contribution

A Destination’s website is the front door to its community. It's the closest thing destinations have to a storefront and it’s essential to know how it's performing and contributing to the visitor economy.

Only Zartico’s Integrated Data Model combines three proprietary data sets with your site analytics, answering questions such as…

  • How long does it take for someone to view your website and then visit your destination?
  • What is the most influential content driving visitation and spend?
  • Do people visit the places they researched on your site?
  • Are website visitation spikes a reflection of the number of actual visitors?
  • Does a change in content influence a change in movement?