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Five Foundations of a
Contemporary Destination Organization
The 'Five Foundations' are an open-source framework of standards for Destination Organizations to adopt and integrate.
They are built to empower destination leaders stewarding their visitor economies in alignment with resident quality of life and community objectives.
We invite you to explore and learn how this approach can transform your organization.
5 Foundations of a Contemporary Destination Organization

In order to help our partners successfully manage their destinations, we have introduced the 'Five Foundations' to measure and understand the true impact of the visitor economy beyond the antiquated marketing-focused key performance indicators.

Over 200+ Zartico partners are currently using this integrated set of best practices to improve strategic planning, operational excellence, stakeholder engagement, and alignment and ultimately lead their visitor economies to greater levels of success.

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Demand Generation

Planting the seeds for future visitation through careful marketing, PR, social and content strategies to attract the highest-value visitors to your destination.

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Visitor Distribution

Adjusting visitor types and equalizing visitor demand seasonally, geographically, and temporally to optimize your visitor mix.

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Economic Opportunity

Cultivating visitation and spending to independent businesses with roots in the community enhances community vitality.

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The most successful Destination Organizations set clear strategic goals for their organization, engage regularly and transparently with locally elected officials, and focus measurement strategies on achieving a limited number of high-value strategic outcomes.

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Higher levels of trust, accountability, transparency and alignment reinforces the value of greater financial and community support for the Destination Organization. In turn, stable funding allows organizations to focus their efforts on long-term plans as opposed to constantly playing defense to protect budgets.

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We're on a mission to empower organizations to be better stewards of the world's
destinations through improved data intelligence and decision-making.

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