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Only Zartico
ZDOS™ 3.0
Contemporary destination organizations will now have an even clearer view of the visitor economy with the evolving
Zartico Destination Operating System™.


We've reimagined the operating system from the ground up to focus on strategic outcomes and guide the actions, activities, and decisions necessary for the success of a contemporary DMO.

Only Zartico has the ability to benchmark the visitor economy. This gives destinations the power to compete and compare in a global marketplace. We've created brand new industry-shaping indices fueled by disruptive data science to give destinations the power to know how they are performing against themselves and one another.

Built on the Zartico Integrated Data Model™, this evolution will efficiently and effectively guide organizations to steward powerful, data-led decision-making toward a better visitor experience and resident quality of life.
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Simpler Insights

We've listened and learned from over 200 of our destination partners and built 3.0 with even simpler insights. We are focusing on what matters and eliminated everything that doesn't. You'll find clear insights to create better outcomes.

Simpler V2

Faster Decisions

We've optimized all aspects of the ZDOS™, you can expect an accelerated front-end experience because of back-end performance improvements. By focusing on meaningful data your decision-making and day-to-day workflow will be faster and more efficient.

Faster V2-1

Innovative Indices

We know you can't trust something if you can't rely on it. We've built 3.0 to be more consistent including operational improvements, data processing, and brand new industry-shaping indices. You'll strengthen your relationship within your community with ZDOS™.

Innovative Indices

New Features & Functionality

Market Index

This new index is used to measure alignment between marketing, visitation, and visitor spending. It highlights opportunities for expanding market share and identifies underperforming markets to exclude from future campaigns.

Baselines and Benchmarks

We’re adding baselines to illuminate your historical performance so you can see how you're pacing and benchmarks to reveal how your destination is performing against anonymized peer performance nationally.

Simplified Place-Based Strategy

Zartico’s proprietary place-based strategy recognizes the importance of all places and is the foundation of how we leverage data to insights within ZDOS™. Whether it’s a state, county, city or regional area you can now build and filter your strategy in a simplified, configurable geographic breakdown specific to your destination.

csv Uploader

The csv uploader is a powerful addition, which allows you to harness all the functionality of the Analytic Designer. You can now upload your own data to create robust insights using the AD. Note, Zartico’s Privacy Policy prohibits the use of the .csv uploader for any Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Improved UX / UI  

When we set out to make version 3.0 simpler we considered the UX / UI integral to meeting this goal. Therefore, new groupings of modules, new colors, and clearer presentation of the data are just some of the many ways we’ve refined the ZDOS™.


The changes we’ve made allow us to improve our normalization process. Simply put, better normalization = more reliable insights. We’ve also made updates to our data pipelines allowing us to be more efficient in our data loads.

Visitor Demographics

We are including demographics of actual destination visitors which will allow you to connect the behavioral dots like never before. This gives you an even clearer view of the visitor economy than basic census-level demographic data has traditionally provided.

Visitor Economy Index

This index will measure the change in the visitor economy across multiple segments. It provides a single number to encapsulate changes YOY while still providing easy access to underlying behavioral changes. 

New Modules

We've built eight new modules focused on the best practices of Destination Management. These include those associated with Demand Generation, Distribution, and Opportunity. Additionally, another nine modules have been completely reimagined to provide clearer insights.

POI Lens

The POI Lens was created to allow you to strategically focus on the most important Places Of Impact such as; wineries, craft beer trails, or top-rated restaurants. The ability to aggregate intelligence from these types of places is like providing a magnifying glass to your visitor economy.

Improved User Guidance 

We’ve enhanced the information we provide in the ZDOS™ to help users easily identify and understand their data. New clicktorials and hoverables will guide you through learning the application including how to accomplish common tasks.

Rebuilt Pipelines Supporting Tax, STR & AirDNA

Making the ZDOS™ more reliable was a primary objective in building 3.0. Many of the improvements and new functionality (including standardizing Tax, AirDNA and STR) found within version 3.0 are the result of a completely rebuilt back end.

Dynamic Visualizations

Dynamic Visualizations are interactive and are now included in the application. This is a new module dedicated to cataloging them and giving your team quick access to view and share.

Dedicated State Application

We understand the needs of states dictate a reimagining of the ZDOS™ to better fit their operational paradigm. Therefore we've built a new dedicated state application designed to meet these needs. 

Scaled to align with any destination

The Zartico Destination Operating System™ features our proprietary Integrated Data Model™ comprised of the highest frequency and highest resolution geolocation data, spending data for both residents and visitors, and all event types. Combined with destination occupancy, marketing performance, and our team of strategic advisors, destinations across the country trust Zartico to deliver clear insights creating better decisions.


Gain clearer insights into your visitor economy to create better outcomes for your community.
  • Zartico Integrated Data Model™
  • Benchmarks
  • Zartico Indices
  • Two Dynamic Visualizations
  • Quarterly Strategic Advisory Briefs
  • Community Support + Training


For the clearest view of the visitor economy.

Everything in Standard, plus:

  • *Custom Data Streams
  • 15 Dynamic Visualizations
  • *SSO Integration
  • In-Person Product Education and Training
  • *Partner and Stakeholder Embedded Application
  • Bi-Weekly Strategic Advisor Briefs


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We're on a mission to empower organizations to be better stewards of the
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