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The Fox Watching the Zartico House - A New Hire Perspective

Nov 4, 2021 1:57:55 PM

A new job in a new company is like a blank book and you are the author. As Zartico grows we enjoy listening to our new hires about their experiences during their first few weeks.  Everything inspires us and we get a chance to grow from watching new coworkers and how they do their work. 

Five new Zarticans are refreshingly candid about their experience in our organization and how it has changed their outlook on their positions.  A new job is a new opportunity, and then suddenly you know it’s time to start something new and trust the wonder of new beginnings.

Maggie Bunting
Marketing Coordinator

Six months ago, I was a college student who had never been west of Pennsylvania. I did not know what I would be doing the next day, let alone six months post-grad. I saw college as being the “best years of my life” and I was not ready to leave that behind. Fast forward to six months later, as I have just returned home from my first business trip. I traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah, where I saw mountains for quite literally the first time in my life. Last week, I rented a car (yes, you can rent a car when you are under 25), got my first Delta credit card and began to build my ever-so-important airline loyalty rewards points. Six months ago, I never would have imagined that this would be my reality. What I know now is the truth: I wasn’t leaving the best years of my life, I was just starting them. 

Upon joining the Zartico team, I was intimidated by the plethora of professionals with years of experience in the travel and tourism industries. However, within my first day, I learned that I had no reason to be fearful. As a Zartican, my thoughts are welcomed, my opinions are respected and my voice is heard. I have learned more in the past two months than I thought possible while collaborating with people who help me grow each and every day. I have found my voice within this team, along with my passion for traveling (and creating presentation decks). 

As I log off my computer each night, I often find myself left with three thoughts: 

I am surrounded by people who truly care about tourism being a force for good. 

I am more confident in my abilities as a working professional. 

I am a Zartican, and I have never been more proud.

Brooke Nunley
Implementation Specialist
Brooke Nunley

I’m going to start off by putting it bluntly: working at Zartico is already the most challenging job I’ve ever had.

That doesn’t mean it’s been a bad or negative experience by any means. I am new to startup culture - which means we are growing at the speed of light, navigating problems we’ve never heard of, and working long hours to continue improving our product.

Being with a fast growing startup also means you always have support and help when you need it, because we all want to succeed together. It means that you’re not the only one who sometimes has a rough day full of roadblocks, because everyone has been there before. It means that those long hours are worth it when you help a partner solve a problem with your product, because you see that your work matters.

I joined Zartico for 2 reasons: because I love the travel and tourism industry, and because I wanted to be challenged. I can definitely say I got what I wished for…and challenge accepted!

Julie Kunkle
Sales Director
Julie Kunkle

Darren was a friend and someone I have always trusted. A lot of people I know in the tourism industry trust Darren. When he came to me to discuss Zartico, honestly I was just blown away. I had been watching the advertising industry get squeezed in so many ways, I thought… THIS is the future! This is where I would put MY money as a tourism destination. I felt like I did when I walked into Texas Monthly in 1999 and said, “This is where I want to be.” And — back then — magazines were at the top of the advertising game. Much like I feel that Zartico is at the top of the game marrying visitor and resident economies for a better world for all.

I do have my work cut out for me! I have been researching a LOT of new acronyms. I just have to study, learn and get those new Zartican partners!!! 

I’m back to an industry where excellence is expected and dedication is acknowledged and rewarded. I think this breeds an engaged and involved culture. It’s palpable in meetings. It’s contagious as an employee. 

I’m loving it. Cheers!

Marissa Willman
Senior Data Advisor
Marissa Willman

After being laid off during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, I wasn’t sure what my next steps would be, but I always knew I wanted to stay in the tourism industry. And I’m so grateful to have found that opportunity with Zartico!

From the first time I saw the OS in action, I knew this was a game-changer. In just this first month at Zartico, I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve said, “Man, I wish I’d had something like this when I was on the DMO side!”

But it’s not just about the product. Zartico has assembled an amazing team who are as equally smart as they are passionate about all things data and tourism. I always wondered where I would find another great organization with a people-first culture and growth mindset… and I’m so lucky to have found it here with Zartico.

I absolutely cannot wait to see what our team achieves, and I get goosebumps when I realize that I am part of it: I am a Zartican.

Christine Amedzake
Geospatial Analyst
Christine Amedzake

I think being hired by Zartico was an unbelievable blessing. My degrees are in Astronomy, Earth & Space, Science and Art. While in graduate school, my advisor suggested I also take on the Geography Department's Certificate in GIS (Geospatial Information Systems) just in case I didn't get my dream job, working for NASA and making maps of moons in our solar system. Since that day, I have been making maps. Working in Virginia, Oregon, and Texas, I enjoyed being a local government map maker. However, every time I had to move due to life changing events, I had to resign from my job. 

The last big event was the birth of my daughter. I gave up my job again and moved to the East Coast. Wishing I could do some type of remote work, in either science or mapping, while homeschooling my daughter, was something I thought was impossible. I had heard about people working remotely as  traveling digital nomads and hoped for a job like that. 

Then, I found Zartico. Each time I talked to another Zartican - I thought I was dreaming. It was the exact job I had been hoping for. In a very short time, I found myself employed, with a whole new group of wonderful co-workers and with my family. Like I said before - an unbelievable blessing. I never have to worry about giving up a great job again if I need to move. I am a Zartican - no matter where on the planet I'm working from. It truly is wonderful.

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